Products and systems

FCS-FB6000 interbus control system...

S-3151 intelligent pressure transmitter used for common pressure, absolute pressure, differential pressure?flow and liquid level

µ series of signal insulation and conversion instruments in high precision

SAC (40-1000A) series of integrated silicon controlled power-regulator and pressure regulator

SKG-900 high-pressure electric dust precipitation control units

SN-820 and SN-500 series of power protection and tracking equipment

Device Category

SKG-900 High Voltage Sequencer...

SDF-2000 Low-Pressure Device

SPC Series Electric Turning Device of Water Turbine Generator


A whole set of equipments (design, production and debugging)

Float glass-controlling equipments of glass product line

Controlling equipments of fiberglass production furnace and bushing

A whole set of controlling equipments of glass kiln electrical fuxing

Surveying and controlling system for high bench, Large bed test of hydraulic turbine

Beer saccharifying, fermentation and boiler control complete plant



SN-820 and SN-500 series of power protection and tracking equipment

SN-8000 comprehensive automatization of transformer substation is a product for power protection and tracking as a result of the cooperation between our company and Shanghai Sunrise-Power Automation Corporation. During our development and design of this product, we drew on the advantages of foreign products of the same kind and catered for the newest demand of the power system. So our product can be applied to comprehensive automatic systems like 6KV-110KV transformer substation, transformer substation and switching station for the plant.


Electricity generation comprehensive control equipment for middle-and-small sized hydropower stations


GER-1000 Electricity generation comprehensive control equipment for medium and small hydropower stations integrates many functions such as computer supervision, data acquisition and processing, order control, excitation, timing, auto MAS, speed measurement, power adjustment and protection. With distributive intelligent module and field bus network, each functional unit shares their information as relatively independent units. In this way, the system is optimized, and the cost of investment is sharply cut. Thus, this product becomes the best choice for the automatization reconstruction of middle-and-small sized hydropower stations


Main features:

By sharing information and function, repetitive setting of equipment and screen cabinet is greatly reduced, investment falls, design is simplified and the field cable cost and construction decrease.


The second-used equipment is integrated with the first one, so the field debugging is simplified, and the work pressure on the owner is lessened. All these are beneficial for curtailing the project time.


Each functional unit integrates with each as well as keeps relatively independent, which is in accordance with the safety in production. This creates favorable condition for no people on duty(few people on duty).


All the hardware, date-base, process control, and interfaces are all formed by graphic software. No programming is needed. So the operation is ease. What’s more, work for development and maintenance is reduced sharply.


Hardware enjoys strong interchange ability that cut down the purchase cost and bring lasting interests for the customers.


Excellent ability to do self-diagnosis. Compact modularized structure enables simple and fast maintenance.


With block structure and fine configuration, the equipment can be used both for building a new power plant and reconstructing an old one; can be a control instrument both for assembly of machines and a switching station/equipments for industry.


This product is designed to be a platform for real time graphic configuration of an open power system. It is suitable for debugging department at various levels as well as power supervision sections in central control centers, power plants and transformer substations.

Features of the system

Mixed platform. Service port supports Unix/Linux/Windows operating system.


Support various business date-base systems like Oracle/Sybase/DB2/SQL Servere


Agile data module design and limitless scale of the system.


Network like design.Functional nodes can be distributively configured.


Unique management of the communication. Telecontrol equipment can be augmented on line.


Functional modules can be taken apart, assembled, and used to create the engine, which makes the second development ease.


Graphic management of the equipment which caters for object-oriented


Graphic system basing on network topology and provide support for SCADA/EMS integrated module building.


Advanced dynamic graph display technology.


IEC61970 mutual operability support


Highly integrated administration functions.


WEB system support


Supporting multi-network simultaneous operation.


Two machines are prepared with fine reliability. 24×7 nonstop operation can be realized.


Advanced software management mode, and the system can be upgraded smoothly and forward.