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SKG-900 high-pressure electric dust precipitation control units

With the rise in people’s demand for environmental protection, the purification of dust and smoke has become a problem that should be reckoned with seriously and weighed heavier and heavier in people’s mind.


Electric dust precipitation is an accepted electric dust precipitation way in recent years. The increase of its efficiency can effectively protect the environment, raise the operating cycle of the equipment, save cost of maintenance, and cut down the energy consuming.


According to the working principle of the electric dust precipitation machine, its efficiency depends on the quality of its power supply, which is influenced by its own load voltage. Therefore, the load voltage should be ensured if its efficiency is expected to be excellent. And finally, the operational aspect of the high-tension power supply is the key.


At present, in China there are a lot of methods for the control of the high-tension power supply, such as silicon rectifying current supply, pulse power supply, constant current power supply, medium-high frequency power supply and so on. Since nowadays a fair proportion of enterprises still use the silicon controlled to control and adjust the pressure, basing on the idea that no change of the original operational aspect of the equipment, no increasing new operation procedures, our research aims to overcome the shortcomings of this method such as lack of electric pressure, overvoltage, inefficiency in electric dust precipitation, bring spark breakdown, and difficult control over corona current by controlling the rectify current equipment for high-tension electric dust precipitation with the aid of microcomputer. Improved control system has higher autotracking ability and good control feature, can follow change of electric field and can output the best corona power and also has good device protection function without overmuch demands for operating instructions, and can execute operation at will without failure of device under outer wiring be correctly connected.