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FCS-FB6000 interbus control system...

S-3151 intelligent pressure transmitter used for common pressure, absolute pressure, differential pressure?flow and liquid level

µ series of signal insulation and conversion instruments in high precision

SAC (40-1000A) series of integrated silicon controlled power-regulator and pressure regulator

SKG-900 high-pressure electric dust precipitation control units

SN-820 and SN-500 series of power protection and tracking equipment

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SKG-900 High Voltage Sequencer...

SDF-2000 Low-Pressure Device

SPC Series Electric Turning Device of Water Turbine Generator


A whole set of equipments (design, production and debugging)

Float glass-controlling equipments of glass product line

Controlling equipments of fiberglass production furnace and bushing

A whole set of controlling equipments of glass kiln electrical fuxing

Surveying and controlling system for high bench, Large bed test of hydraulic turbine

Beer saccharifying, fermentation and boiler control complete plant



µ series of signal insulation and conversion instruments in high precision





Range of application: µ series of card-track type signal insulation and conversion instruments is widely used in power industry, metallurgical industry, light industry, chemical industry and glass industry.


Shine’s ? series of card-track type signal insulation and conversion instruments offers you high precision and steady solution to signal transmission.


Because of the decentralization of the working temperature for various elements and devices, it is difficult to solve the problem of temperature drift for integral meter. And thus the low precision and large temperature drift have already influenced the stability during the control process.


Following are the problems brought about by temperature drift:

1. Zero point and measurement range can be adjusted only when the instrument has been connected to power for ordinary products by half an hour or even more. Even when these are finished adjusting the zero point and measurement range, we still keep wondering whether there is temperature drift under the environment and temperature change.

2.In order to ensure the quality of our products during process period, we have to select excellent field instruments. However, it is so difficult to explain the annoying problems we usually meet in practice. For example, without relative insulation and conversion instrument, we cannot effectively transfer the high precision (0.05-0.1%) transmitter we buy to the control room. Often we have to make shift with what is on hand. But the problem of temperature drift must be solved if we want to raise precision and stability. Shine initially used temperature field compensation theory to solve this problem. By greatly improving the influence of output drift given by the change of the electricity and the environment temperature on the instrument, the output of the instrument will be stable after the current is switched on and then the stable and reliable field signal transmission is ensured.