Attending the ISA EXPO 2005 in Chicago, USA
DF-28 Large Hydraulic Machinery Test Bed Going on Stream——After Reconstruction by Dongfang Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd.
The Reconstruction of the Excitation and Commutation System of Chongqing Power Plant Goes on Well
Equipment Monitoring and Control System of Tianshengqiao Hydraulic Power Station Operates Normally
Control System of Drawing Production Line for the 30,000-ton Output Fiber Glass Tank furnace Arrives in Shandong
Winning the tender of the first phase of the Changshou project of Chongqing Polycomp International Corp.
Cooperation with DongFang Electrical Machinery Coporation: Designing and Assembling 1500A Excitation and Commutation Control system for it
Designing and Assembling International Advanced Automated Production Line for Chongqing Beer Group
Being Granted the Vice-chairman Unit of the Glass Machine Equipment affiliated Association

Attending the ISA EXPO 2005 in Chicago, USA

The ISA EXPO 2005 was held on October 25—27, 2005 in Chicago, USA. Advanced automated instruments and meters and systems on the international level have been shown at the expo. More than 500 companies from all over the world attended this expo, including Beijing Huakong Technology Co., Ltd. and our company. The FB6000 System and 3151 Series intelligent pressure transmitter developed by the cooperate work of our two companies won much attention and favor of the users and businessmen in the system integration field. Many of them came to talk with and consult our company representatives. We achieved great success.


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