Products and systems

FCS-FB6000 interbus control system...

S-3151 intelligent pressure transmitter used for common pressure, absolute pressure, differential pressure?flow and liquid level

µ series of signal insulation and conversion instruments in high precision

SAC (40-1000A) series of integrated silicon controlled power-regulator and pressure regulator

SKG-900 high-pressure electric dust precipitation control units

SN-820 and SN-500 series of power protection and tracking equipment

Device Category

SKG-900 High Voltage Sequencer...

SDF-2000 Low-Pressure Device

SPC Series Electric Turning Device of Water Turbine Generator


A whole set of equipments (design, production and debugging)

Float glass-controlling equipments of glass product line

Controlling equipments of fiberglass production furnace and bushing

A whole set of controlling equipments of glass kiln electrical fuxing

Surveying and controlling system for high bench, Large bed test of hydraulic turbine

Beer saccharifying, fermentation and boiler control complete plant



Float glass-controlling equipments of glass product line

The SHINE Corporation is a provider of sets of the most advanced controlling equipments like melting furnace, tin trough and big annealing kiln for the float glass product line. Parts with high temperature are provided as well as design, installation, debugging and after-sale service of the above facilities. They are based on digital technology and various advanced techniques like optimized controlling software, expert learning system, fuzzy logic technology and imaging technique to improve glass quality and produce float glass in high class to meet needs of architectures and auto glass industry in high quality.