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FCS-FB6000 interbus control system...

S-3151 intelligent pressure transmitter used for common pressure, absolute pressure, differential pressure?flow and liquid level

µ series of signal insulation and conversion instruments in high precision

SAC (40-1000A) series of integrated silicon controlled power-regulator and pressure regulator

SKG-900 high-pressure electric dust precipitation control units

SN-820 and SN-500 series of power protection and tracking equipment

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SKG-900 High Voltage Sequencer...

SDF-2000 Low-Pressure Device

SPC Series Electric Turning Device of Water Turbine Generator


A whole set of equipments (design, production and debugging)

Float glass-controlling equipments of glass product line

Controlling equipments of fiberglass production furnace and bushing

A whole set of controlling equipments of glass kiln electrical fuxing

Surveying and controlling system for high bench, Large bed test of hydraulic turbine

Beer saccharifying, fermentation and boiler control complete plant



SPC Series Electric Turning Device of Water Turbine Generator


It’s used for turning of examination and installation procedure of electric motor in power plant. When either any phase coil of rotor or stator of water turbine generator is connected with direct electric current, the mutual force between the rotor and stator must be exerted. Thereby it can reach object of turning.


These devices are been functioning well both four-chamber and two-chamber type turning device respectively provided for hydropower stations such as Dachaoshan, Xiaolangdi and Dahua in recent years and highly praised by users.


Using conditions

Using location: indoors


Environmental temperature: 0?—40?


Maximum relative humidity: 90%


Height above sea level: 1000m


Environmental conditions: no gases, dusts, and dirts which seriously impact the insulation of this device and other explosive medium substances.


Power supply: AC380V(±15%,50±3HZ),three-phase and power supply system power capacity of short circuit above 10MVA.