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SDF-2000 Low-Pressure Device

General Description

low-pressure sequencer of SDF-2000 type dust-collecting cabinet is an automatic control system with multiple functions of logical operation, communication and ordinary input and output, which specifically designed for process controlling procedure of electrical dust-collecting. This device adopts PLC as its master controller. It can realize timing automatic control and manual control of the vibration device and dust-dumping device. It can also detect all kinds of input signals and operation feedback signals from both electrical heater and vibration device and dynamically do display, analyzing, failure warning and interlocked protection of running state. Operations as systematic operating parameter modification and running state monitoring can also be achieved through touching screen.


Technological Features

Signal input: 104 point (passive connection point and its signal power comes from PLC inside)


Controllable output points: 40 points


Output: PLC outputs are outputted through DC 24V relay separating drive.


Operating Mode: Continuation.


Cooling mode: air blast cooling in nature.


Power for the cabinet: AC 220V +/-10%/50HZ.